Stuck? Here’s how to move forward…

Did you know that the month of February is time management month?  This is the perfect opportunity to discover new ways to make better use of your time so you can accomplish more and get to your goals faster!  And, that’s exactly what I’ll be focusing on here on the blog this month!

So, let’s jump right in!  Today I want to talk to you about gaining your focus.  This is really important because this one skill can help you in every area of your booklet publishing business.

Gaining your focus really has to do with paring down your choices.  For example, you want to market your booklet online but there are so many ways to do it that it overwhelms you.  Where do you start?

Your first step is to look at all of your choices and consider each of them.  If there seems to be an endless list, maybe you can categorize the choices and just consider each category.  In the case of our example, this might include things like paid advertising, social media, etc.

Next, as you consider each choice or category, you should single those out that are not feasible for you either due to financial constraints, time constraints, or other reasons why you would be unable to do them.  Some of these things you might never do, while others may be right for you at another time.

Now, look over the choices you have left.  If you still have an overwhelming amount of choices go back through steps one and two again – until you’ve narrowed it down to just a handful of options.

Finally, after you have narrowed it down, look the list over again and choose the one thing that you can finish quickly, within your means, and that will give you the most for your time, effort, and if applicable your money.  Don’t worry about the choices that are left.  Once you have completed your first task you can choose another item from your list.

Why is this so important?  Because often we find ourselves staring at so many choices that we freeze up.  We forget to gain our focus and zero in on just one thing.  Our minds go wild with all kinds of scenarios and possibilities, making it impossible to accomplish anything.  This is why so many people make wishes that never come true.  They don’t know where to start.  They either don’t know where to find the information they need, or they have the information and it overwhelms them.  They wonder how they can do it all, so they don’t do anything.

Next time you’re faced with an overwhelming amount of options remember these steps and pare them down.  Having one final option will give you clarity and a direction to move forward.  It will make the difference between getting something done or staying stuck right where you are!

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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