The Big Day Is Finally Here! Did You Vote?

Just about everyone of voting age has been a little anxious these past couple of weeks – waiting and wondering who is going to win this election.  Now, the wait is almost over (and by the time you read this it may well be done).  But, no matter who wins there is one thing that won’t change.  You will still be in control of your own destiny.

Remember after 911 how the economy tanked?  The real question is tanked for who?  Sure, gas prices went sky high and so did the price on just about everything else.  But, there are many businesses who not only survived, but thrived.  One man’s bad economy is another man’s boon to riches.

When the housing market turned upside down and many people filed for bankruptcy, the bankruptcy lawyers could hardly keep up with the flood of new clients.  Many of them had to turn new clients away because their schedules were so overbooked.  Clearly the bad economy didn’t hurt their business.  In fact, just the opposite was true for them.  They profited from it.

The same can be said for those in the rental industry.  With so many foreclosures happening all across the country, people were (and still are) vacating their homes and moving into rental properties, creating a surge in profits for the landlords.

But, it’s not just a matter of being in the right business at the right time.  Some business owners simply know how to ride out the storm.  They are the ones who get busy and get creative.  These are the businesses who tweak their marketing, fine tune their advertising, cut the slack, and create new products and services to serve their market in tough times.  These businesses are the ones that let people know that they’re standing by them in their time of need.  They are able to partially or completely reinvent themselves to serve their market and thrive no matter what the economy does.

But, what about you – the booklet author?  Can you thrive no matter what happens in the Whitehouse?  Of course you can!  In fact, you’re lucky because you’ve got it easier than alot of businesses out there. 

With booklets you have so many advantages and so many options!  First, booklets are small and therefore inexpensive to produce.  This is a great advantage for you if you’re producing copies yourself, or for your clients or customers if they are producing the copies.  Second, booklets can give your clients or customers an advantage over their competitors if they’re using your booklets as a sales tool.  And third, you always have control over what you write and produce, and therefore you can create new titles and products to suit your particular audience or market in whatever situation they may find themselves in.

So, if you are reading this before the polls close, vote with confidence!  If you’re reading it after the polls have closed celebrate the victory – even if the guy you voted for didn’t win – because the real victory is your own!

To your riches!

Kim Hillman



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