Secrets Of True Riches – How To Harness The Power Of Change To Create Opportunities

Change happens to all of us.  Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s not so good.  But, whether we like it or not, it happens.  The question is, how do you handle it?

Some Changes Happen, Others We Create

Changes are unavoidable in both business and in life.  Some changes we create ourselves – such as when we decide to quit a job in search of something better.  Other changes are forced upon us without our prior knowledge or consent – such as when we are laid off or fired from a job.  And although each of these scenarios is markedly different from an emotional aspect, neither one is going to be an easy adjustment.

So, how do you ride the winds of change?  In the first scenario, you might think you would be happy as you leave your old job and find a better one.  But, is the grass really always greener?  And in the second scenario, you might think you would be unhappy.  But, what if you found a much better paying job as a result?

Change = Opportunity

All changes are opportunities – even the seemingly negative ones.  Without change we would have no way to advance or to grow beyond what we presently have and know.

Some people try to avoid change.  They will stay with the same low-paying job, living in their own self- made status quo, not completely miserable, but not really happy.  It’s a ho-hum existence, until one day, like it or not, something happens to change it.  Unfortunately, these people don’t see change as an opportunity and they end up wrestling with the changes that happen to them rather than harnessing them so they can benefit from them.

Changes will happen to you whether you create them or not.  The trick is to embrace change rather than trying to avoid it.  When something unexpected happens, you need to keep your cool and deal with it rather than trying to hide from it and avoid it.

Create Your Opportunities

Not only should you embrace the unexpected changes, you should also endeavor to create positive changes for yourself and your business on a regular basis.  This will open new doors for you that otherwise would not have been possible.  in effect, it allows you to create opportunities.

Those who embrace the changes that come their way AND endeavor to create new ones are the ones who succeed.  They are the Walt Disneys, The Oprahs, The Donald Trumps.  Walt Disney saw a place for family fun and a way to make money where others only saw a swamp.  Oprah was a poor, little, unwanted black girl who was told she would be a maid for the white folks when she grew up.  Donald Trump grew a multimillion dollar business from the ground up, lost it all, and then did it again – even better.  Each of these people created change for themselves against the odds.

What if Walt, Oprah and Donald had not opted to create the changes they did?  Can you see Walt saying, “Yes, you’re right.  It’s a crazy idea.  What was I thinking?”  Can you imagine Oprah as an unknown, a house maid?  Can you picture Donald folding up for good, living an average lifestyle?  Not likely.  And if they hadn’t created the changes they did, how many other lives would be affected besides their own?  Millions!

As an author, you also have the power to affect others.  Your booklet isn’t just about you – what you want to say and the money you make from it.  Your booklet also has the power to change lives.  So, make your best decision.  Embrace change.  Create change.  That’s the first secret of true riches.

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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