Scary Mistakes That Sabotage Your Success – Are Your Expectations Too Low?

Remember when you first decided to write a booklet?  What did you expect to happen as a result of that action?  Were you expecting to sell alot of copies and make some serious money?  Or, did you expect to just get your feet wet and maybe sell a few copies and make a little spare change?  Or, perhaps you really didn’t expect anything to happen – you wrote the booklet with a wait and see approach.

Why Your Booklet Will Do Well

One of the scariest mistakes you can make in ANY business is having low expectations of yourself, your work, and those around you such as vendors or employees.  When you have low expectations, it’s like setting yourself up to fail.

When you write your booklet or produce other products, chances are your motive for doing so is to enhance the lives of others.  This means that you want to make your booklet and other products the best you possibly can.  This is a good thing.  Why should that fail?  Why should you expect it won’t do well?  If what you are creating is needed or desired, then you have every reason to believe it will do well.

Are You Creating Positive Or Negative Energy?

Your belief about what you are creating will give you energy – either positive or negative.  If you believe in what you’re doing from a positive aspect, that positive belief will pump you up and help you get through the next step and the next – the end result being that you’ll sell more copies or products.

But, if your belief about what you’re doing is negative and you really don’t think much will come from your actions in creating your booklet or other products, then that belief will drag you down like a self fulfilling prophecy.  If that is the case, why bother creating the booklet or whatever project you’re working on at all?  If you’re not going to be able to give it your maximum effort and enthusiasm, there isn’t much point because you’ve failed before you’ve even begun.

Don’t make the mistake of having low expectations.  Expect the best, and you’ll find that’s exactly what you get!

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

PS:  Expecting the best is one thing, knowing how to create the best is another.  If you’re contemplating writing your first booklet, you need to know the right way to do it in order to make it a salable one.  Interested?  Click here!

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