The Fundamentals Of Making The Sale – Why Your Contact Information Is Not Enough

Sales are important.  That’s how you make money.  But even more important than getting a sale is getting a repeat sale.  Once you have a customer it’s far less time, trouble and money to keep that customer coming back than it is to get a new customer.  But, a customer will only return if you have something new to offer them and if they’re happy with the way you’ve treated them in the past.

Why Your Contact Information Is Not Enough

If you read my previous post, then you know that you must provide contact information to your customers in order for them to feel comfortable doing business with you.  But, there’s another step in this process that you need to understand.  Providing an email address or phone number isn’t enough.

Once you’ve provided your contact information, you then need to be certain that every inquiry or complaint is responded to as quickly as possible.  The more time that goes by without a reply, the more frustrated your customer or potential customer will become.

Inquiries And Complaints

Most inquiries are made by potential customers, or customers who have bought from you in the past and need more information before they can buy again.  Inquiries are nearly always a delight to handle because you know that the person making the inquiry is genuinely interested in your booklets and other products.  If you take care of inquiries in a quick and friendly manner, you’ll make more sales than someone who drags their feet.

Complaints are another matter.  It’s even more important that you take care of complaints in a timely manner than it is for inquiries, because not only do you risk losing a customer, you risk that customer telling everyone they know not to do business with you.

Express Your Gratitude

Providing your contact information is essential, but what happens after your customer or potential customer contacts you is even more important.  Imagine you purchased something online and you emailed the company you purchased from with a complaint.  How would you feel if you didn’t hear back from them for two days?  And what if, once you did hear from them, they handled your complaint in an unfriendly, matter of fact manner telling you their policy and leaving it at that?  Would you do business with them again?  Of course not!

Your customers don’t have to do business with you.  They can find their information elsewhere or skip it altogether.  Each time someone chooses to buy your booklets and other products you should feel thankful that they chose to purchase from you, and you should do everything you can to express your gratitude to them.  Responding to them promptly is one way to do that, and it builds trust with your customers.

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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