Fundamentals Of Making The Sale – How To Keep Your Customers Coming Back

Have you ever ordered something online and been very disappointed when you received the item?  Maybe the color wasn’t quite the same as it looked in the picture, or perhaps the item was much smaller than you expected.  Or, maybe you expected a physical product and you received a digital one instead.  The bottom line is that you expected one thing, and received another.  How did that make you FEEL?

When your customers order from you, they have a certain expectation of what they are going to receive based on WHAT YOU HAVE TOLD THEM through your advertising, marketing and general communications with them. They’re trusting your booklet and other products to live up to their expectations,  and if their expectations are not met, they won’t want to do business with you again.

For this reason is it EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS let the customer know up front EXACTLY what they are purchasing from you.  If there is any doubt in the customer’s mind, they will not buy.  And, if they don’t receive what they expected they will not trust you again.

I can’t stress this to you enough.  ALWAYS BE TRUTHFUL in all of your marketing and advertising to your audience.  Whether you’re writing a sales letter, or creating a Google ad, or you’re talking with a potential quantity buyer on the phone you should always be honest.  And that means telling the WHOLE TRUTH.  Never be vague, and don’t intentionally leave information out that might lead your customer to think your product is something it is not.

Most advertisers and marketers will not blatently lie.  This is against the law.  But, sometimes they will not give you the whole story.  For example, I know of one website that sells information via download, but the way they have crafted their photos and descriptions the buyer is led to believe that they are purchasing a physical product.  Not only that, but the price they are charging is quite high, and this adds to the feeling that the buyer is going to receive a physical product.

Make sure that all of your communication with your customers is truthful and honest, and that they know EXACTLY what they are buying from you.  When you do you’ll have happy customers who will come back to you for more.

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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