Fundamentals Of Making The Sale – How To Deal With Executives And Potential Quantity Buyers

I once consulted with a client of mine who admitted that she was afraid to speak with executives.  She was terrified to call them, afraid that they would see her for the insignificant, little booklet author she was.  I told her what I’m about to tell you.

Why You Must Communicate With Your Audience

In order to make a sale, you need to communicate what you’ve got to those who can benefit from it.  If you never reach out to your intended audience your work will never sell.

Your audience is already buying things.  They buy information as well as other things they need.  They will buy your booklet too, but first they need to know that your booklet exists.  And, if you don’t tell them, they’ll never know.

Executives Are People Too

When you’re dealing with a potential quantity buyer  remember that they are human just like you.  That big executive puts his pants on one leg at a time, the same as you do.

Most executives have their own fears.  They’re worried that their boss will one day realize that they are inadequate for the job.  They’re worried that their secret (the fact that they too are only human) will one day be found out and they’ll be out of a job.  They question their abilities, and they wonder just how much of a difference they really make to their company.

You’re Only As Small As You Think You Are

The quantity buying executive may be wondering why an author, such as yourself, would call them.  After all, you’ve written a book or booklet and that makes you someone special.  To their mind, they are just another run of the mill executive, doing the ordinary every day.

You are only a small author if you think you are.  If you have that impression of yourself, others will get that impression too.  By writing a booklet you have done something extraordinary.  You’ve created a way to help yourself and others. 

Don’t waste your time worrying about what someone else will think of you.  Sure, that executive could say no.  But there’s a very good chance they’ll say yes.  They can only say yes, however, if you communicate with them and let them know about your booklet.

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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