All About Marketing – A Simple Marketing Strategy That works

A couple of days ago I visited my local Safeway and I noticed something new.  They had pulled much of their produce outside the store to the front entrance, along with some of their cut flowers, and they called it their outdoor market.

Although this was a small change, it gave the entrance to the store a new feel.  The flowers and produce were bright and pretty – a welcome change over the usual brick and pavement I normally saw when I entered the store.  It was such a small thing but it brightened my mood and helped to make my shopping trip more pleasant.

This small change cost Safeway nothing to implement and it was easy to do.  In the future, they might add on to this idea.  They might start their “outdoor” market in May or June rather than the end of September.  And, they might add additional products for the season to their produce and flowers.  They could even bring in some outside vendors – one each week, or several in one week to make it a real event – to draw people into their store.

While many people might not see this simple idea as a marketing strategy, that’s exactly what it is – and you can use it too!  You may not have a store front, but you have countless things you can spruce up to make doing business with you more inviting.  It might be a booklet cover that needs some refreshing after a few years, or it might be a few simple tweaks to your website to make it more user friendly or more attractive.  It could be your text needs some updating – either in the information provided or the font itself.  Or, maybe you will come up with a new policy in your customers’ favor, or implement a new way of communicating with them.

Take a look at your entire business and ask yourself where you can make a change that will impact your audience in a positive way.  It doesn’t need to be an expensive change or a complete overhaul of your business.  Making little changes will get the attention of your audience.  They’ll notice you or your booklet, and they’ll want to continue to do business with you based on their positive experience.

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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