All About Marketing – The Most Expensive Marketing Mistake You Could Ever Make

Have you ever thought about hiring someone to do your marketing for you?  After all, that’s what top companies do, right?  They hire a marketer or marketing firm to get sales for them.  So, why can’t you?  Well, you could do it, but it just might be the most expensive mistake you’ll ever make.

Got Millions?

Why shouldn’t you hire someone to handle your marketing?  The first reason is the most obvious – cost.  A good marketer who knows their stuff is very expensive.  You could expect to pay in the millions for a single marketing campaign.  Why do they charge so much?  Because they are the ones with the A-list clients and all the awards.

Of course, you could find a marketer who would charge you less, but the only difference would be that you would be throwing away less money than if you hired one of the top marketers in the country.

The Truth About Marketers

While the top marketers get results SOME of the time, they don’t get results ALL of the time – results being high volume sales.  It’s really hit and miss.  When they don’t, those big name companies who paid them millions of dollars are out their money.

The big names in marketing tend to be those who put together the flashiest presentations and take home all the awards.  They may impress alot of people with their talent for creating the funniest Superbowl ad, but they often fail where it counts – getting results.

The smaller names in marketing, however, aren’t much better.  They can’t guarantee results any more than the big guys can, and they have less expertise to back them up.

Another thing to consider is that whether a marketer is a big name in the industry or not, they have more than one product to market.  Their time is split by how many accounts they have at any given time, and chances are the accounts that are likely to make them the most money will be the ones that get the most attention.  So, unless you’re a well known, big name, celebrity author, your book or booklet would be pushed to the bottom of the heap.

Book Marketers

There are book marketers out there who specialize in books, but this is also a mistake.  These people make their living by marketing other people’s books, and it’s a rare book (or booklet) that can give them their bread and butter in one fell swoop.  It takes many books for these companies to stay afloat, which means that although they might do their best to sell your book or booklet, they will have to split their time between your book or booklet, and those of their other clients just as other marketers must split their time between all of their clients.

Often what these book marketers will do is create a catalog and include your book or booklet.  Then, they will send this catalog out to every Tom, Dick and Harry on their list and hope for a hit.  This is basically blind marketing because they haven’t matched your product with any particular group or audience.  They’ve simply sent out a catalog to their list, and they know that a certain percentage from their list will buy something, but whether or not that something is your book or booklet doesn’t matter to them.  They’ve already collected their fee from you to include your book in their catalog.  They’ve held up what they promised.  If your book sells, great.  If not, they’ll do their best to convince you to give it another try, and they will gladly accept another fee from you when you do.

The Best Marketer For Your Booklet

The absolute best person to market your booklet is YOU.  Nobody knows your booklet like you do.  You are the one with the passion.  You are the one with the expertise in your subject.  You don’t need a marketing degree to sell that.  All you need is the desire to see your booklet get into the hands of those you wrote it for.

Marketing isn’t about winning awards for great Superbowl ads or paying to have your booklet included in a catalog that goes to a cross section of some untargeted list of names.  Marketing is about you, and your booklet and your audience – your market.  It’s about helping the people who need your information, and you can do that without spending a dime on some guy in a suit who is better at taking your money from you than he is at bringing the money to you.

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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