All About Marketing – A Vital Piece Of Your Marketing Strategy

In my last post I discussed how important it is to have a cover that speaks to your audience.  It should draw them in and generate interest.  But, once they’re interested and they’ve read the title, what will they do next?

Where The Sale Takes Place

While some people will open the booklet and thumb through it, many will turn it over and see what’s on the back.  They expect to find more information on the back cover, and you should not disappoint them.  Even those who thumb through the booklet will usually look at the back cover when they have satisified their curiosity.

Your back cover copy is really where the sale takes place.  Your goal is to use this space to your utmost advantage and really sell what you’ve got.  This doesn’t mean using pushy language or a bunch of cute cliche’s.  It means laying it on the line and letting your potential reader or buyer know exactly why they need this information, what it can do for them, and why they should buy it from you.

If your back cover copy is on target, your potential reader or buyer will do one of two things.  They will either buy your booklet, or they will open it and look inside if they haven’t already done so.  Most of the time, if they look inside the booklet and they see that the information inside matches what the back cover copy says about the booklet, they will buy.

How To Delight Your Readers

Your back cover copy should always be honest, and you should always do your best to deliver more than you promise.  When you do you will delight your readers.

People buy things because they feel that what they are purchasing is worth more to them than the money they are spending on the purchase.  They should feel good about buying your booklet.  They should feel that it is a worthwhile investment of their time and money.

There is an entire psychology behind why people buy the things they do and it’s too much to go into in a single blog post, but everyone likes to believe they’ve made a good decision when they buy something.  When you deliver more than you promise, it confirms for your readers that their decision to purchase from you was a good one, because it shows them that you care about them.

Write It Once, Use It Again And Again

Are you planning to sell booklets online only?  You will still need to craft good back cover copy for two reasons.  First, because you can use that copy on your website’s sales page even if you’re not selling hard copies,  and second because once a purchase has been made you never know who else beside the original purchaser will see the booklet.

Your back cover copy can do double duty between hard copies and copies sold in a PDF format.  The best part is you only have to write it once, but you can include it in any sales piece you want to – whether it’s a sales page on a website or a sales letter you’re sending to a potential quantity buyer.

Your back cover copy is a vital piece of your marketing strategy.  Craft it well and it will bring you sales!

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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