All About Marketing – How To Create A Cover That Sells

In my last post I talked about your booklet’s title and how important it is because it’s the first words people will read about your booklet.  But, there is something else that is, in my opinion, equally important – that is the overall look of your cover.

Peak Their Curiosity

While your title is the first thing people read about your booklet, your cover is the first thing people see.  They will see your cover before they read your title.  You cover will either draw them in or it will repel them and cause them to look elsewhere for what they need.  You need a cover that will peak a little curiosity and interest in your audience.

Booklet covers are typically not as fancy as book covers, but they should not be plain or uninteresting either.  If you’re on a tight budget, a single color cover, done right, can be very effective.  If you can spare a little more change, you might go for a two color cover.    And of course, if you have the means, a full color cover is nice too – but it isn’t necessary to making a sale and you don’t need to spend the extra money unless you want to.

Photos And Artwork

Photos can dress up a cover like nobody’s business, but if you’re using color, that means using full color.  Anything else just won’t look right with one exception – black and white.  A black and white cover, if done right, can be striking and grab attention because most book and booklet covers are in color.  This is one way to get yours to stand out from the rest.  It’s also an inexpensive way to get a photo on your cover.

If the idea of a black and white cover doesn’t appeal to you and you don’t have the funds for full color, another idea is to use artwork on your cover.  Artwork can range from sketches and drawings to computer generated art to simple clip art.  With artwork, you won’t need a full color cover.  You can use a single color and it will look good.

Your cover represents y0ur booklet, your company, and you as an author and professional.  It should look professional and it should represent the content of your booklet.  Give your cover some serious thought before you go to print, and make sure it will grab the attention of your audience.  If your cover doesn’t do its job, your title can’t do it’s job either.

To Your Riches!

Kim Hillman

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