All About Marketing – The Killer That Wants To Slay Your Income And How You Can Stop Him Cold

Are you afraid of the marketing process?  So many people are.  There are people who have worked in dead end jobs for years in order to avoid it – people who have good ideas for products or services that might have a real chance at success if only they could get past their fear.

Fear is a killer.  He will slay your enthusiasm, your drive and ultimately your business and your income.  Coming up with ideas and turning them into booklets is a piece of cake, until you suddenly realize that you’re going to need to get out there and sell your wares, so to speak, in order to make money.  And that’s when fear takes you.  But what can you do?  How can you get fear to take it’s cold, hard clutches away from your throat so you can breathe?

Stay Away From Dark, Scary Corners

The first thing you need to do is get a grip on yourself!  Don’t allow your mind to wander into dark, scary corners.  Remind yourself that you have something valuable to offer to your market.  It’s not something they want.  It’s something they need.  And because they need it they will want it.

You’ve put in some time and effort on your booklet; not alot mind you, because it’s only a few pages.  But, you’ve done your best to create a worthwhile product and you can be proud of that.  You have nothing to hide.  You’re trying to help people.  But, they can only be helped when they have your information in their hands.

The Sales Process Is A Positive Thing

Once you’ve come to the realization that you have something worthwhile to offer your market, then next thing you must do is realize that, as I mentioned in my last post, sales and marketing are two different things.  Marketing, when done right, leads to a sale.  The sales process itself is a positive thing because to reach the sales process means you have a buyer, and all that is left to do now is the necessary paperwork (in the case of a quantity sale) and exchange your booklet(s) for the buyer’s money.

People who say they are afraid of sales are saying they are afraid of trying to convince someone to buy from them.  They aren’t really afraid of sales.  Making a sale is a very positive thing for both the seller and the buyer.  The truth is, they love sales, but fear the marketing process.

Embrace The Marketing

The marketing process is what brings your buyers to you.  It’s what matches your buyers with your booklet(s).  It’s what tells your buyers what’s in it for them, and why they need your booklet.  If your marketing is matched to the right market, you’ll have them at hello even if your marketing skills are not quite up to par.

You can’t have a sale without some kind of marketing.  It’s not the sale that leads to the riches.  It’s the marketing.  And it’s not about trying to convince people to buy from you, because if you do it right, you’ll have people seeking YOU out who are ready to buy.

Marketing is nothing to fear.  It is the very vehicle that will take you to your monetary goals and give you the lifestyle you desire.  And it will help your buyers too, because it will give them the information they need to improve their own lives.  Every time you exchange your booklet(s) for money, it’s a win/win!  Embrace the marketing!  There’s nothing to fear.

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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