All About Marketing – The Three Essentials You Must Know Before A Sale Can Be Made

Many people, including authors, confuse marketing with selling.  They believe that when they sell their product to someone, that is marketing.  But sales and marketing are two very different things.

Marketing is all about reaching the right audience for what you have to sell. It is the means to which the end – a sale – will be reached.  In other words, if a sale is the goal, marketing is the vehicle to help you reach that goal.

In order to reach the right audience there are three things you need to know:

1)  WHO are you trying to reach?

2)  WHAT do you want them to know?

3)  HOW can you get your message to them?

A Salesman’s Mistake

As an example of how each of these things are used in marketing, let’s consider the door to door salesman.  Most door to door salesmen have little success.  Why?  Because they don’t have the right answers to the above three questions.

Picture this.  A salesman comes to your door offering you high priced power tools.  Now if you’re a guy, you might be raising an eyebrow just about now.  But, imagine you are a 60 year old grandmother who is caring for 2 grandchildren on a very limited income.  You fix whatever needs fixing yourself, and whatever you can’t fix you have a family member fix for you.  How likely is it that you will be interested in those power tools?  You won’t be.  You’ll tell the man you’re not interested and send him on his way.  And, chances are so will everyone else in your neighborhood because as a 60 year old grandmother on a limited income you probably don’t live in the kind of neighborhood where people can afford to buy high end power tools.

If the salesman had done his homework, he would have chosen a better neighborhood to sell to.  He would have known exactly who might be interested in his wares, where they live, and how best to approach them.  It’s a safe bet that most guys don’t buy power tools from door to door salesmen!

Who Are You Trying To Reach

You should know the three essentials to marketing even before you write your booklet.  Knowing WHO you are writing to is extremely important, because if you are writing to one audience and trying to sell to another, you will have wasted your time and you’ll never see any real money for your efforts.

What Do You Want Them To Know

But, it is also essential that you know exactly what your message is that you wish to deliver to your audience about your booklet.  In other words, if you plan to make sales to the readers of your booklet directly, you should know exactly why they should buy your booklet.  What will your booklet do for them?  And, if you plan to sell to quantity buyers, you must have a different set of reasons why they should buy your booklets.  Quantity buyers will have very different reasons for buying from you than will those who make up your reading audience.  You might make sales to each, but each is a very different market and they require different marketing methods.

How Can You Get Your Message To Them

Finally, you must know the best way to deliver your message to your audience.  Do they prefer a phone call?  An email?  Face to face contact?  If you don’t know how to reach them, then knowing who they are and what you need to tell them won’t do you any good.

Remember the three essentials of marketing and you’ll find that selling is a piece of cake!

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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