Turning Up The Heat – 3 Simple Tips To Help You Move Forward Fast

As our theme for this month comes to a close there are three simple tips I would like to give to you that will help you move forward fast.

1)  Focus on the long term.  Everything you do should be helping you move closer toward your goals for your business and yourself.  Sometimes you can get lost in the daily grind of doing business and lose your focus.  When that happens remind yourself of why you’re doing what you’re doing.  Remember, you are in business for one reason only – to make money!

2)  Cut anything in your way.  If something is standing between you and your goals, get rid of it or get someone else to deal with it.  It might be a vendor who never gets their work done on time, or it might be the naysayers in your life, or it might even be your own thoughts about what you can accomplish.  Get new vendors, tell the naysayers to shut up, and start thinking positive!  Whatever is in your way, either fix it or get rid of it.

3)  Grab as many opportunities as you can.  You may not be able to grab every opportunity.  Life and business are full of them.  But, take advantage of as many as you can.  You know the old saying – opportunity doesn’t knock twice.  Or at least, the same opportunity usually doesn’t.  If it’s good for you and your business, do it. 

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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