Turning Up The Heat – How To Become A Household Name

Have you ever thought about why you shop with one particular company, or why you buy one particular brand over another?  What makes Nike or Starbucks so special?

Starbucks Does Coffee

What do you think of when you think of Starbucks?  The first word that probably comes to your mind is coffee.  Starbucks does coffee.  And, not only does starbucks do coffee, they do it like nobody else.  Sure, Starbucks now offers a few other items – but they all go quite well with coffee, even the sandwiches.

Of course, you can order tea at Starbucks, or hot chocolate or several other drinks to your liking.  But, Starbucks is never thought of as a tea house or a higher level fast food restaurant that offers gourmet style shakes.  Starbucks is known for it’s coffee -period.

Nike And Levi

Just as there is one word associated with Starbucks, there is also one word associated with Nike.  Can you guess what it is?  You might be thinking shoes, but you would be closer if you said tennis shoes.  Nike is known for their tennis shoes, regardless of what other type of shoe or clothing they might manufacture.

How about Levi?  What do you think of when you hear that word?  Levi became so known for their blue jeans that there was a time when all jeans were called Levis, whether or not they were the Levi brand.  Today the Levi company creates denim jackets, blouses, and other clothing items, but their jeans are still their best selling product and what they are best known for.

Becoming A Household Name

So, how does all this relate to you as a publisher of booklets?  Each company mentioned above specialized in ONE product and did it well.  That specialization is what made each company a household name.

If you really want to turn the heat up on your business, you should specialize.  Think about what you want to be known for.  What is your area of expertise?  If it’s gardening, that’s a start.  You, as an author, and your publishing company might become the household name for booklets and other products having to do with gardening.  If you can make it even more specific, such as growing roses, that’s even better.

Specializing in one particular area tells your market what you do, and that you do it very well.  It adds value to your business.  And just like Starbucks, Nike and the Levi company, once you are known for that one thing in which you specialize, you can branch out from there and add other products to your line – as long as they are in sync with what you specialize in.  You won’t find Levi’s coffee anywhere nor Starbuck’s jeans.

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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