Turning Up The Heat – The Single, Most Destructive Thing You Can Do In Your Business

We all have 24 hours in a day.  About a third of that time is spent sleeping.  What do we do with the rest of our time?

If you really want to be successful in your booklet adventure, it’s important that you are continually busy working toward your goals.  That means you never waste a single moment.  Take advantage of every opportunity you have, every moment of every day that you have set aside for your business.

If you’re sitting idly by, doing something other than working during your work time, you are not accomplishing anything.  You’re wasting time.  Time is precious.  It is our most valuable asset.  Used properly, time will move us toward our goals.  Used improperly it will move us away from them.

Imagine that you have some time to spend with your child or grandchild.  Would you focus on them, giving them your undivided attention?  Or, would you spend that time on your cell phone, your computer, or doing other things that render you unavailable to that child?  You MUST treat your business hours with same kind of respect as you would that child or grandchild.

Wasting time is probably the single, most destructive thing you can do in your business.  Seize every moment and make it count!

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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