Turning Up The Heat – Link EVERYTHING You Do To Your Goals

Do you ever feel like a hamster running on a wheel, busy running but not really getting anywhere?  Or how about a hamster in a maze – constantly running into walls and dead ends?  There is a way to avoid this, and it’s easier than you think!

The Magic Formula For SuperStar Success

You may have admired the success of others, but have you ever given any thought as to why they are successful?  How did Oprah become the biggest talk show host of all time?  How did J.K. Rowling become such successful author?  How did Donald Trump become such a real estate tycoon?  These people have all had incredible obstacles to over come, but one thing kept them going when the going seemed impossible – They had real, attainable goals and they linked everything they did to those goals.  This is the magic formula for superstar success.

Small, Realistic Goals Add Up

Nobody starts a business and expects to go from start-up to a large conglomeration within a year.  Most people who start a business think in small terms – bite size dreams and goals that are realistic to attain.  For the author, this means the focus is narrowed to one book or booklet.  There might be (and indeed there should be) a daydream here or there beyond it, and that’s healthy, but a large business begins with one product, followed by another and then another.  Each one is a goal in and of itself, and each one furthers you toward other goals – goals of increase in business and in revenue.

Building Momentum

When you are working toward a short term goal, it fuels your sense of achievement, builds momentum and makes it easy to link your current activities to your goal.  A good short term goal is one that seems very realistic and within reach. 

Link everything you do to your current, short term goal, and when you achieve it move on to the next short term goal and link everything you do to that one.  When you focus all of your activity on one goal, you’ll achieve it sooner and your business will coast toward the success you want!

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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