Revitalizing Your Business – The Easy Way To Regain Your Enthusiasm And Generate New Streams Of Income

When you first began your booklet adventure, your excitement revolved around a single booklet.  But, after a while, you may feel like things are getting a little stale or the growth of your business isn’t happening as quickly as you would like.  When that happens, you need to refuel yourself and your business with the same kind of enthusiasm you had when you first started out.  This means it’s time for a brainstorming session!

A Million Heads Are Better Than Two

Most people don’t give brainstorming the credit it’s due, but it’s the first step in making something fresh and exciting happen.  As an example, the fall tv shows line-up is the result of brainstorming.  The tv execs have meetings with their underlings and everyone brings their ideas to the table.  The best ideas are given a green light to move to the next step.  But, you don’t need a staff of underlings in order to make this work for you.

You have, at your fingertips, the greatest “staff” anyone could ask for.  You’ve got the internet!  Before the internet a brainstorming session meant getting away by yourself and letting your mind go and seeing where it would take you.  That is one way to brainstorm, and sometimes it’s still a good way to do it.  But, today you have the power of millions of brains that you can access in seconds.  Simply go to your search engine and type in any subject you desire, and viola!  You’ve got hundreds, thousands or even millions of ideas right in front of you!

What You’re Looking For

Once you’ve got all those ideas in front of you, you need to sift through them a little and, just like those tv execs in the boardroom, you need to choose the ideas that will work best for you. 

What you’re looking for are new booklet ideas, new product ideas, and new market ideas.  Each of these are like a precious gems just waiting to be mined.  Just one new booklet can double your income!  So can a new product that compliments a booklet you already have on the market.  And a new market opens up a multitude of new sales opportunities!

It’s Easy!

Sometimes, a little brainstorming session with the internet is all that’s needed to reinfuse your energy and enthusiasm.  And, you don’t have to dig too deep.  You’ll get far more ideas than you can ever use, so just pick those off the top that spark your interest and run with them.  See where those ideas take you.  Spend a few minutes thinking about what you could do with each idea.  If it plays out well in your mind, move forward.  If not, grab another idea.

This is a very simple process that will not only generate new enthusiasm for you, but it will generate new steams of income as well – and that’s the whole point!  You’re not writing for a hobby.  You’re writing for RICHES!  Now go and get yours!

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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