Revitalizing Your Business – How To Keep Stress From Ruining Your Day

You can’t think clearly when you’re overwhelmed and feeling burned out.  And since you’re the one at the top of the totem pole, if you’re overwhelmed and over stressed, that will set the pace for everything you do.

Sometimes, in order to revitalize your business, you need to revitalize yourself.  And the best way to begin is to try to keep yourself from getting overwhelmed and stressed out in the first place.  How?  By planning a little down time at various intervals.

Begin by planning a lunch break for yourself each day.  If you worked in a regular office, you would have a lunch break.  You would also have a couple of other, shorter breaks.  While these breaks seem necessary for things like using the restroom and eating, they actually accomplish more than simply filling your stomach or catching up on the latest gossip at the office.  Regularly planned breaks help to refresh your mind and your thinking so that when you return to your desk you’re ready to tackle the next task with renewed enthusiasm.

As the person on the top of the totem pole in your own publishing company, you don’t need a break to use the restroom.  But, like most people working from home, you’re probably tempted to work right through lunch, or at least eat in your work space.  This is a bad idea if you really want to get the most done that you can in a day.  It’s much better to take a break and have your lunch outside of your work area to give your mind a chance to rest.  There’s nothing relaxing about having lunch with your current project sitting there staring you in the face!

If you can, you should try to get out of the house (or office, if your publishing company has moved out of the home) at least one day per week for lunch, and more than that if you can afford it.  You don’t have to go far.  Choose a nice local  restaurant, or if it’s a nice day take a sack lunch to the park.

And, while you’re in the planning mood, don’t forget to plan your vacations too!  A week or two away from your work will do wonders for your psyche and your creativity!

To your riches,

Kim Hillman

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