Organizing For Success – How To Keep All Those Articles And Other Sparks Of Inspiration From Getting Lost In The Shuffle

As a writer and booklet author, you’re always on the lookout for ideas.  At any given moment during your day you may be struck with an idea for your next booklet, or for a promotional article, or for a new product.

These ideas come from a variety of sources, seemingly out of the blue, such as magazines, online articles, telephone conversations, get togethers with friends or family, and even from television.  All it takes is one sentence or one word to spark your imagination, and suddenly your brain is thinking of possibilities in an entirely new direction!

These little sparks of creativity, momentary as they are, should be preserved for later use.  Just as we earlier talked about keeping a notebook for those inspiring ideas that seem to come from yourself, you need to have a way to preserve those ideas that come from external sources.  The best way to do this is with a file.

Create a simple filing system for all of the articles you come across that spark an idea for you.  Write your idea somewhere on the front page, and then file the article so you can refer to it later.  And for those ideas that come from a verbal source, such as the television or a face to face meeting, write those ideas down in your notebook and then you can add them to your file for safe keeping.

We have more information at our fingertips today than ever before.  And while this is a wonderful thing, it needs to be organized in order for us to make sense out of it.  You can file the information any way you like.  You might start with a single file, and then as it fills up, you might decide to add additional files and label them – one file for booklet ideas, another for promotional ideas, another for product ideas and so on.

Your ideas are unique to you.  They are what set your booklets, your products and your company apart from all the others on the planet.  When something sparks a new idea for you, that source is valuable.  File it away, and be sure to check your file at least once a month so your ideas won’t be forgotten.  You’ll be amazed and what you find in that file at the end of the month that you can use to create more income for yourself!

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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