Organizing For Success – The Filing System That Makes You Look Like A Pro

Once your booklet adventure really gets going, you’ll find yourself caught up in a whirlwind of calls and projects.  For example, you call Mr. Bigwig of XYZ company today and he tells you that he’s interested, but now’s not the time for him to buy.  He asks you to call him back a month from now.  Amidst all your other calls, not to mention the various projects you’re working on, how will you remember to call him back?

If you decide to stick a post it note on a bulletin board or computer, it will fill up with such requests very quickly and you’ll soon find yourself very frustrated as you try to sort through all the papers every day to figure out what you need to do.  But, there’s a better way.

In my own business, I started a filing system to take care of this problem.  It has served me very well and I highly recommend this same system to you.  It’s simple, inexpensive and it works.

To implement this same system in your booklet adventure, you need three file boxes with 31 hanging file folders each.  I used plastic boxes that stack.  Each of the boxes will be for one month, and you will want to number the hanging folders from 1 – 31, for each day of the month.

To use the system, mark the first box with the current month – right now that would be May.  Then, mark the next box June, and the next one July.  Then, each time you talk business with someone on the phone, use a full size sheet of paper to make notes on – the person’s name, anything that was discussed that you might need to remember for a future call, and when you need to contact them again.  Then, file that piece of paper under the appropriate day and in the appropriate month.  So, if they ask you to contact them again a month from now, you will file the paper under the same day as today (the day you spoke with them), in the next month’s box.

You will rotate these boxes so that they will last you for the entire year.  When you get to the end of the current month, that box’s files should be completely emptied and that box should be marked for three months from the new month.  So, May’s box, at the end of May, would then be marked for August.

This system has been invaluable to me.  Each morning I go to my file, and check that day’s folder, and right there I can see exactly who I need to call, or what project I need to work on, or what tasks I need to get done.  My daily to do list is always filed the night before too, so I have that in front of me as well.

This system will not only help keep your organized, it will add to your image as a professional because you’ll never forget an important call and you’ll always be on top of your projects and tasks.

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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