Organizing For Success – The One Thing I Changed That Made A Huge Difference In Getting Projects Done

As a booklet author, I have, in the past, had alot of post-it notes stuck all over my desk to remind me of things needing to be done.  As you might imagine, this didn’t work very well.  It was disorganized and mentally draining.

Then, one day I put up a bulletin board.  I divided it into four sections – Work, Working On, Sent Out, and Finished.  The breakdown is as follows:

Work – This is the work that has not been touched yet.  It was simply waiting for me to get to it.

Working On – the current project(s) I am working on.

Sent Out – These are the projects that I have given over to others to complete.  They might be projects that I started and needed someone else to finish, or they might be projects that I did not handle at all.

Finished – this one is obvious, and while you really don’t need to add this section, it’s nice to see it fill up at the end of the week.  For me, it gave some tangibility to an otherwise mental goal, and helped motivate me to get things done.

Now instead of post-it notes, I use colored index cards.  This way I have color coded my projects in order of importance.

This bulletin board idea is a real time saver for me, and it helps keep all of my projects in front of me at the same time, showing me the status of each.  It also gives me some motivation to get my projects done because I have a goal to get each index card to the “Finished” section by the end of the week.

This idea has worked well for me, and it will probably work well for you too!  All you need is a large bulletin board and some index cards and you’re ready to go!

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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