Organizing For Success – What’s On Your Schedule?

In order for any business to succeed it needs to have a certain level of organization.  Large corporations run smoothly because they are well structured and (mostly) well organized.  And while a small business run by just one person does not need that level of structure and organization, it still needs some.  Without it you have chaos and nothing gets done.

That’s why this month we’re going to focus on organizing your booklet business for success.

Why Most Businesses Fail

You probably know that most start-up businesses fail within their first year.  But, have you ever wondered why?  Many people think that it’s due to lack of funds to run the business, while others believe that the business owner’s expectations were too high or they didn’t have enough experience to run a business to start with.  While these things may be factors in some cases, often it’s simply that THE BUSINESS OWNER FAILED TO ORGANIZE THEMSELVES OR THEIR BUSINESS.

Imagine this.  You decide to start your own booklet business (what I like to call your booklet adventure).  The next day you wake up, shower and have breakfast.  But, then what?  You’re not sure.  You’ve got a business, but what should you do first?  Maybe you’ll check your email and then you’ll check your facebook account while you think about it.  And before you know it, the day is done, you’re tired, and you’ve accomplished nothing.

Creating A Schedule

This happens to many new business owners but, it doesn’t have to happen to you!  Whether you’re just beginning your booklet adventure or you’ve got a title or two already out, you can create a schedule for yourself so that you know exactly what to do each day.

Your schedule doesn’t need to be rigid.  In fact, it should be flexible.  After all, things happen in life that we can’t predict – such as a sick child needing to be picked up from school or a large quantity buyer who calls, ready for a re-order.  Some things need to be handled as they arise.  But, you can create a schedule that covers the basics like when you’ll make calls to your customers, when you’ll return incoming calls, when you’ll get your mail ready for the post office, and so forth.  In time, your schedule will become your normal routine and you will know what to do each day, and when to do it.

Creating a schedule may not sound like much fun, but every worker on the planet has some kind of schedule they follow each day.  They wake up, get ready for work, eat breakfast, commute, get their coffee, make their calls, work on the computer, go to lunch, check messages, return calls, do more work on or off the computer, and commute home again.  Once home they fall into their after-work routine.

A schedule is what turns a business into a well oiled machine.  It’s what workers must learn when they report for work the first time.  The schedule tells them when to do what and helps them to make sure they get their work done each day.  And just as the 9 – 5er has a schedule or routine, the business owner needs to have one too.

Once you create that schedule and you follow it for a while, you’ll be glad you did.  It will take the guess work out of your day as to what to do next, and you’ll find that you accomplish more than you would without it.

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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