Spring Into Action – The Million Dollar Test

Most authors don’t think of themselves as business owners, but whether you write a book or a booklet, that’s exactly what you are.  Like all business owners, you have a product to sell, and you want to sell as much of your product as you possibly can.  But, how do you get from nowhere to making real money? How can you build a million dollar a year (or more) business from scratch?

The Beginning Of Something Tangible

As a potential booklet author, there is an adventure that lies before you waiting for you to decide whether you will move forward, or step aside.  Your decision to move forward is the very beginning of something tangible, although you won’t see it for a while.

The decision to begin your adventure is a bold move that puts YOU in the drivers seat, and it is this first decision that gives a spark of life to your adventure.  You have taken the reins into your hands and embarked on a journey of creation – the creation of your booklet and, ultimately, the creation of a business.

Success = Making The Best Choice

Once you have stepped over the threshold of that first decision you are no longer nowhere.  You are now somewhere. You may not have a booklet yet, but you have a commitment to yourself to create one.  That commitment is something you didn’t have before you made the decision to move from where you were to where you are.

And now that you are past that first big decision, many more await you.  In fact, you might say that owning a business is simply going from one decision to the next, and owning a successful business is a matter of making the best choices most of the time.

Moving into uncharted territory

Everything on this planet began with an idea – from the very basics used to sustain life such as the homes we live in and the clothes we wear, to the McDonnalds and Starbucks down the road.  And, at some point, someone said YES to that idea.  They thought it over, and they made the decision to move forward into that adventure.

Without some kind of idea or choice, there can be no decision.  There is nothing to move forward to.  But, once an idea presents itself a choice must be made.  What will you do?  Will you continue on as you always have, or will you embark upon the new path before you?

Making the choice to take the new path is the beginning of the million dollar a year business. It means that you’re tired of the status quo and you’re ready for something more.  It means that you’ve got the right stuff to succeed because you were able to make this decision – the decision to go into new, uncharted territory.  This is the million dollar test because, if you don’t pass this one, you’ll never even have a business, let alone one that brings in a million dollars a year.

Not everyone can pass this test. Some people have a very difficult time making decisions even when the answer to the question is obvious!  And if too much is left to the unknown, most people would rather just forget about it.  So, congratulations!  By making the decision to embark upon your own booklet adventure you’ve proven yourself and taken the right action.  And now that you’ve passed this test, the next decision awaits you. But, we’ll save that one for the next post!

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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One response to “Spring Into Action – The Million Dollar Test

  1. Larry Morrison

    Very good post Kim. Can’t wait for the next one!

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