Making The Most Of Your Time – Monthly Review

In case you missed a post this month, here’s the run down on what we learned.

1)  Plan your activities, set your priorities and make a daily to-do list.

2)  Keep a time log for 1 week to find out what eats up your time.

3)  The truly successful people in this world are the ones who are willing to put in a little extra time to reach their goals.

4)  Timing is important in the booklet business.

5)  Extend your hours in a day by using other people’s time.

6)  Your sales, not your craft, comes first.

7)  Three tips to help you get the upper hand on your time.

I hope you found these posts helpful.  Your time is the one asset you can never replace.  Use it wisely!

It’s spring time, and April is Spring Into Action month!  You won’t want to miss this as, over the next month, I’ll be sharing how to create a million dollar a year, or more, booklet publishing business from scratch! Stay tuned!

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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