Making The Most Of Your Time – What Really Makes The Difference Between Successful Authors And Those Who Never Make It

Have you ever wondered why some authors become great successes, while others write a book that never really sees the light of day?  There are literally thousands upon thousands of titles that are well written and/or informative on a variety of subjects across a variety of genres, which, in spite of the material being good, ended up being a waste of time for their authors.

It’s NOT All About The Writing

The majority of people who want to write a book (or booklet) put ALL of their thought into their manuscript.  For them, it’s all about their writing craft, their art.  They think about the subject they’ll write about, and how much they’ll write.  They think about how long their manuscript should be, and what to include in each chapter.  It’s all about the writing.  But, this is a HUGE mistake.

It’s About The Sales

Of all the things you do in your booklet business, the writing is really the least important.  Yes, you want it to be good, and yes, you need to get the writing done in order to have a product to sell.  But, your goal isn’t really the writing.  Your goal is to produce a product that the market will BUYYour goal is the sales, not the art.

A painter may enjoy painting, but if he doesn’t make a living from his paintings, he’s either working a job somewhere or he’s a starving artist, and his painting is nothing more than a hobby.  This works the same way for authors as it does for painters.  If your writing is not supporting you, then it’s NOT a career, it’s a hobby.

The Difference Between Starving And Feasting

So, just what DOES make the difference between the starving artist and the one who is able to set their table with a great feast?  What is the difference between the hobbyist and the career author?  It’s not the work- the art – that they create.  Two people can create equally great work, and one will be successful and the other not.  So what is it that makes the difference?  The answer lies in what they each do with their time outside of creating their art.

If a painter never does anything but paint, he will wind up with many beautiful paintings sitting around his house.  And if the author never does anything but write, he will end up with many great manuscripts sitting around his house.  But, what if, from the very beginning, before that first word were even written, you thought about sales? What if you actually thought about your market, and you created something just for them?  And what if you also thought about how you would get your booklet into the hands of the people within your market?  Then, you would be coming at your project from a sales point of view, rather than only an artistic one.

This doesn’t mean that you should not be artistic.  It simply means that you shift your focus from being solely art directed, to mostly sales directed.  I say mostly because you don’t want your focus to be entirely sales directed either.  Sales are the reason you’re in business, but you know what they say about how all work and no play makes Jack a very dull boy.  You do need some room for your creativity, but NOT at the expense of your sales.

Write.  Create.  But, focus the majority of your time and efforts on HOW YOU WILL MAKE MONEY from what you write and create.  That’s what makes the difference between a successful author who is making real money, and the one who is forced to write on the side because they can’t seem to make money with their craft.

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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