Making The Most Of Your Time By Borrowing Or Buying Other People’s Time

If I asked you how many hours you have in a day, you would probably say 24.  But, what if you could have 26, or 35, or 50 hours in a day?  Impossible?  Not when you borrow or buy other people’s time!

There Is Another Option

Most of the people on this planet see time as a daily allotment.  They think in terms of going to work, and coming home, and how they will spend their evenings and weekends.  It doesn’t occur to them that there is any other option, and that’s ok because they are not business owners.

Even many business owners don’t realize there is another option, or if they do, they don’t believe they can afford it.  Many small business owners are trying to do it all – trying to run their entire business alone – and often they end up running it right into the ground.

What Smart Business Owners Do

Smart business owners know that while they might wear all the hats in the beginning, sooner or later they’re going to need help in order for their business to grow.  Early on, these business owners look for ways to assign the smaller tasks to others so that they can take care of more important matters.

Business growth happens when someone is working ON the business as well as IN the business. That means that the daily internal workings of the business are taken care of, such as handling new orders, answering the phone, opening and sorting and sending mail, etc;  and at the same time new business is being acquired, new products are being developed, marketing strategies are being tested, and on and on.

It Doesn’t Have To Be Full Time Or Expensive

When you write your first booklet, your business is very small and easy for you to handle.  But, as you begin to add new booklets and other products, your business will grow beyond your capability to handle it all alone. You’ll need help, but it doesn’t have to be full time or expensive.

You might start out by having your spouse or your children or even older grandchildren help out.  This kind of help is free or very low cost (often children will work for an ice cream cone when the work is done!), and it gives your family a sense of being a part of what you do.  Of course, eventually, you’ll probably need other part time help, but by the time that happens you’ll have enough income from the business to afford it.

There are many ways you can borrow or buy time from others, and how you do it will depend upon the task(s) you need performed and what your specific budget is.  But, when the time comes that you feel your business growth is being stunted because you can’t do it all, that’s the time to consider just which tasks someone else can handle for you, and which jobs you need to tackle on your own.

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

PS: You can even have someone else write your booklet for you!  Oh yes!  It’s called ghost writing.  Celebrities do it all the time.  Of course, you still need to make sure that what’s being written will be salable, and you’ll still need to go through the production phase.  If you’re ready to get that first booklet written and produced and you’d like some help along the way, click here!

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