Making The Most Of Your Time – A True Story About How Putting Something Off Cost Far More Time Than It Should Have And Created Lame Results

Imagine that you’ve been invited to a costume party.  The host has generously given you plenty of notice – five months to be exact.  The party will take place in March, and you received your invitation in October.  This is very fortunate since in the month of October costumes are easy to acquire.

But, upon thinking about it, you decide to put off buying a costume.  You’ve got other expenditures at the moment, and the costume isn’t needed for a while.  And so, October slips into November and then December, and soon March arrives.  And then it hits you!  The party is just a few days away and you still don’t have a costume. What to do?  Suddenly, that costume has become very important and you spend an enormous amount of time trying to locate something, anything, that will work.

For days you scour every store in your neighborhood and every time you come up empty handed.  And unfortunately, there is no time to order anything online.  Finally, in desperation, you look in your own closet and do your best to put something together, and what you end up with is a lame, half hearted attempt at something creative.

If only you had purchased your costume when you first received your invitation – when costumes were easily found in stores everywhere.  But, instead, you procrastinated until the last minute, and it cost you several days worth of your time rather than the hour or so it originally would have.

This is a true story, and it’s a very good lesson because often in the business of booklet publishing you get an opportunity to do something now, but if you procrastinate it will cost you much more time and possibly more money as well.  Timing is important in this business, and if you have the chance to do something now that you know you will need to do, it’s best to get it done NOW and avoid the hassle of having to scramble to get it done at the last minute.

You can’t always know when an opportunity will arise for you to get a future task out of the way early, but when you have one TAKE IT!  Save yourself some time in the future – time that can be used for better things than making half hearted attempts at being creative in order to meet a deadline.

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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