Making The Most Of Your Time – Take The Time Log Challenge And Find More Time In Your Day

How often have you said that you wished you had more time in your day?  Nearly all of us have said this, and said it often.  Here’s a challenge for you that will help you find that extra time you need!

For one week, keep a log of your time. This may sound like a complicated endeavor, but it really isn’t.  All you need to do is write down the time you start an activity, what you did, the time you finished, and the total time it took you to complete. An easy way to do this is to use lined paper or create a grid on your computer and print it out, with columns for times and activities performed, and a column with your total time at the end.  For example, your page might start something like this:

Start          Activity                                          Finish         Total

7am                Breakfast                                                        7:30am            30m.

7:35               Writing For New Booklet                         8:20am           45m.

8:30               Leave For Work – Commute                   9:00am           1hr.

You should include everything you do in a day in your time log. This includes time spent eating, showering, commuting, working, shopping, on your computer (and be sure to record every activitiy you do on your computer separately!), watching tv, talking on the phone, etc.

Put the day and date at the top of each page, and at the end of the day go through and look for time spent on meaningless activities.  Highlight those. The next day, try to improve.  By the end of the week you should have less things on your list to highlight, and find that your time is being used more productively and that you are getting more things done that bring you closer to your goals!  What do you say?  Are YOU up to the challenge?

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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