Making The Most Of Your Time – Three Easy Steps To Help You Use Your Time Better And Reach Your Goals Faster

Time is something we all struggle with.  Every day, each of us is given the same amount of time.  Some people are very good at using their time to get things done that move them toward their goals.  Others see only their lack of time and feel overwhelmed by all the things they want to accomplish.

Here are three easy steps to help you use your time better so you can reach your goals faster!

First, You Need A Plan

One of the things that sets the winners apart from the rest of the crowd is their ability to plan their time. Just as you need a plan for your business and a plan for your marketing, you should also have some kind of plan for how you will use your time each day.

Remember back at the beginning of the year when I told you that you should choose just one or two things to focus on for this year?  You should consider what you chose to focus on when you plan your time, and plan activities that coincide with your overall focus.

Next, Set Your Priorities

Once you have some ideas for activities, you then need to set your priorities.  Setting priorities means your most important tasks will get DONE!  On any given day there are a million different things you could be doing, but the majority of those things are either unimportant or simply a waste of your time.  The most important tasks are those that further you toward your goals.

Finally, Make A List

Making a list is the best thing you can do to help keep you on track.  You might start out by writing out everything you would like to get done for the day, and then number each task according to its importance. That way, you’ve got a path to follow, from number 1, to number 2, and so on.  When you finish a task, you don’t even have to think about which one to do next.

Making a list has worked well for me, personally.  I find that if I make a list, it becomes a challenge to see how much I can cross off of that list before my workday is finished. But, if I don’t make a list, so much of my time gets wasted.  I get caught up in whatever is going on at the moment, and before I know it my day is gone and I haven’t gotten anything done.

Plan your time, set your priorities and make a list. Just doing this much will make a HUGE amount of difference in how much you accomplish each day, and how fast you reach your goals!

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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