Keys To Building A Successful Business – Growing Beyond Yourself And A Single Booklet

The first phase of your booklet adventure is an easy one.  You come up with an idea for a booklet, create it, and publish it.  The next phase of your booklet adventure happens when you begin to think beyond that first booklet.  This is when your booklet business begins to grow.  Growth is a wonderful thing because it means not only growing your business, but also your profits.  However, there is one very important thing, which if overlooked, will stunt your growth and your profits and keep you small.

Be Prepared

When you first begin your booklet adventure, your focus is a narrow one.  You have one booklet to create and publish.  This is simple because it’s just you and your booklet.  That’s not too much for one person to handle.

As time goes on, however, you may decide to add additional booklets and other products to your business.  And once you do, you’ll have more business because now you have new things to offer those customers who have already purchased your first title, as well as something for those potential customers who were not interested in your first title. This is what every business owner hopes to achieve because more business means more profit, but you must be prepared to handle the extra workload or your business will suffer.

Do you have a job or a business?

Nearly everyone who starts a business does so in order to achieve autonomy.  That is, they want to be in control of their own life.  They want to have the freedom to choose how they spend their time, and how much money they make.  Unfortunately, most people who choose to start a business never achive this goal.  Instead, they end up with another job – albeit one where they can call the shots – rather than living the lifestyle of their dreams.

Rather than looking at your booklet adventure as something you DO, you must train yourself to look at it as something you RUN.  There is a huge difference here.  Imagine a large corporate with only one employee.  This single person does it all.  They’re the janitor, mail room clerk, accountant, file clerk, marketing direction, and on and on right up to the CEO.  It would never work.  No one person can do that much.  Nobody could ever run a corporation alone.  And your business is just like that corporation, only on a smaller scale.

Let Go And Watch Your Business Grow

Have you ever heard of a business that started in someone’s kitchen or living room and grew into a large scale business?  There has been quite a number of these over the last several years, especially since the dawn of the internet.  The one thing these kinds of businesses have in common is that they started out very small, with one person at the helm, and grew from there into a company that employed other individuals in order to handle the workload.

If you are really serious about growing your business beyond a single booklet, you will need to be prepared to hire others to share the workload with you.  That’s the only way it can be done.  There will come a day when you will no longer be able to single handedly run your business.  That doesn’t mean that you need to have a large building with hundreds of employees.  Today, there is virtual help which is far less expensive for someone with a small business.  But, it does mean that you need to be willing to let go of some things, and allow other people to handle them for you.  Your goal is to run a business, NOT work in it, so that you’ll have more time to do the things you enjoy – both in your business and in your life!

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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