Keys To Building A Successful Business – An Extremely Important Asset You May Have Overlooked

When you began your booklet adventure, you probably didn’t give your vendors much thought.  You needed help with editing, design or printing, found someone to do the job, paid them, and that was the end of it – right?  Wrong!

Bad Vendors Cost Time As Well As Money

Good vendors are hard to find.  While there are plenty of people who can get the job done, not all of them will get the job done right the first time, on time, every time.  Many vendors will gladly take your money and then deliver services far below what you might expect.

If a print job gets messed up, the vendor may be willing to reprint, but that puts you behind schedule.  This is especially bad if you have an anxious client waiting for a large quantity order.  Or, if the vendor isn’t particularly good at project management, they may take on more work than they can handle, and your job may be shoved further and further out as they continue to accept new jobs from new clients or customers.

Good Vendors Are An Asset

If you find a vendor who is honest, knowledgeable, helpful, and able to do a good quality job and finish it on time – HANG ON TO THAT VENDOR!!!  They are a HUGE asset to your business!  Even if that vendor didn’t have the best price, they are worth whatever you are paying them.

In your business, you rely on good vendors.  Without good vendors, a business can, and probably will, fold. You may be an entrepreneur or a solopreneur, but almost nobody is ever really in business alone.  Even people who run online businesses by themselves still rely on the services of vendors for things such as website hosting, online advertising and marketing, shipping of products, etc.

Maintaining Good Vendor Relationships

Once you’ve found a good vendor, it is of the utmost importance that you maintain a good relationship with them. For your part, this mainly means paying them on time, but it can include other things such as tipping when appropriate, refering others to them who can use their services, or sending them a handwritten thank you card for their timely service that they can show other potential clients or customers.

Good vendor relationships are also important because if the vendor feels they know you well and they trust you, they are more likely to offer you discounts, credit, and accept a late payment should something come up that causes you to be unable to pay on time.

Good vendors are like gold.  They are extremely valuable to your business and should be considered an asset.  Treat them well!

Kim Hillman

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