Keys To Building A Successful Business – How To Create Loyal Customers Who Come Back For More

Have you ever ordered anything from Zappos?  If you have, you probably had a very good experience.  Zappos understands that they’re not in business to sell shoes.  They’re in business to get customers.

A Mistake That Will Cost You Big

When you began your booklet adventure, you probably gave alot of thought to selling your booklet.  You imagined what your finished booklet would look like and who would buy it, and how many copies you would sell.  But, you probably didn’t give much, if any, thought to your customers’ experience in buying from you.  This is a mistake that can cost you UNTOLD SUMS OF MONEY!

The whole point of starting your booklet adventure is to get customers. Without customers you can’t make money.  You can create the finest products available anywhere – booklets or otherwise – but without customers your products won’t sell, and you’ll be out whatever time and money you put into their creation.

The Key To Making Repeat Sales

Customer relations is a buzz word heard in corporate circles, but it applies to every business, including yours.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re a one man band running your own show, or you’re the head of a giant corporation.  Without good customer relations your business will become anemic, which is something you want to avoid.

What is customer relations?  It is the relationship you have with your customers.  Every company has a relationship with their customers.  That relationship is based on the customer’s experience when they come into contact with your company, and it is the key to making the sale and getting the customer to return.

Why It’s All About The Experience

When a potential customer first discovers your booklet, they probably won’t reach for their wallet.  They’ll want to learn more about you, the author, and about your company before they consider a purchase.  This is a crucial time because the speed at which their questions are answered and the way those questions are answered can make the difference between a sale and the customers going elsewhere – never to return.

Once the customer does decide to make a purchase, the way that purchase is handled is of the utmost importance.  If their experience is a very good one – they get all the information they need to make the decision to buy, the sale goes smoothly, and they receive their booklet or other product very quickly – that pleasant experience will be remembered.  Likewise, an unpleasant experience will also be remembered.

The key to good customer relations is to make your customers love you or your company, and your products.  Delivering a good product makes a happy customer, but delivering a good experience makes a loyal customer, and loyal customers come back for more.

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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