Keys To Building A Successful Business – How Quality Control Helps You Sell Again And Again

If you’ve ever spent any time in the corporate world, you’ve heard of quality control.  But what is it, exactly, and how does it relate to a smaller business like yours?  Quality control is another essential key to your success.

Maintaining The Standard

Have you ever eaten in a fast food restaurant or at a restaurant that was part of a franchise or chain?  Nearly everyone has.  And, chances are you’ve eaten in more than one location of the same restaurant.  Have you ever noticed how the food was the same at each location?  The burgers are just as juicy, the milkshakes are just as sweet and creamy, and the fries are just as perfectly crisped on the outside and soft on the inside from one location to the next.  This is due to quality control.

Quality control is a way of maintaining a certain level of quality in your products across the board. In the case of a restaurant, that means all of their locations must meet the same standard and level of quality.  But, in the case of your booklet business, which doesn’t have multiple locations, it means that all of your products meet a certain level of quality.

What Is Good?

When you sell your first booklet, you are setting a standard and level of quality that your customers will come to expect from you. That standard can be low, in which case you may have few customers, or it can be extremely high, in which case you may find it difficult to meet that standard with every product you produce.  The best standard is one that is in the middle. It’s not perfect – anyone who has ever produced anything and sold it will tell you there is no such thing.  But, it’s not a poor quality product either.  The product you produce should be good.

Every product you produce, whether you decide to write only booklets, or whether you branch out into other media, should be good.  What’s good?  Good is good enough for YOUR audience. That means they like your product and they buy it.  The booklet author who sells to doctors may have a different standard of what good is than the booklet author who sells to parents of toddlers.

Give Them What They Expect

Some people think that good enough applies only to the physical look of their product, but actually it goes much farther than that.  Your booklets and other products need to look professional and they should be eye catching to your audience, yes, but, they also need to have compelling content. This is something else that quality control will insure.

While it’s easy to create booklets that look the same, it’s more difficult to create booklets that sound the same.  That is, they speak directly to your audience in a voice your audience will pay attention to.  Once you have their attention, you want to keep it.  Quality control will help you do that.  How?  By making sure you maintain the same standard from one booklet to the next, one cd to the next, and so on.

Quality control makes it easy for you to employ the same standard of quality from one product to the next, and give your customers what they expect each and every time. Think of it like starbucks.  You go to starbucks and order your favorite drink.  You have a certain level of expectation, and if your drink is disappointing, it ruins the experience.  Your booklets are just the like the starbucks drink.  Make sure each one meets, or better yet exceeds, your customer’s expectaions, and you’ll be able to sell to them again and again.

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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