New Beginnings – Monthly Review

January is coming to an end, and that means it’s time to wrap up our theme for this month.  At the end of each month I’ll post a review for you.  That way, if you’ve missed something you’ll be able to go back and read it, and if you didn’t miss anything you’ll be able to quickly review what you’ve learned so you can remember it and take action!

Here is the review for New Beginnings:

1)  What To Focus On In 2011 – Feeling overwhelmed by everything you need to do?  Choose one or two things to work on this year, and focus on those!

2)  Will You Live Your Dreams Or Will It Fade Like A Puff Of Smoke? If you don’t do anything, nothing will happen.  Do what you’ve always done, and you’ll have what you’ve always had.  This is why most people’s dreams will never see the light of day.  Will yours?

3)  How To Achieve More And See Bigger Results – It’s not about doing more, it’s about thinking bigger so you can accomplish bigger achievements and results.  Small thinking produces small results, and big thinking produces big results.

4)  The Road You Take Determines The Price You Pay – Whether you start a booklet business or you work a regular job, there is a price to pay.  But, one of these prices is much high than the other.

5)  The Three Myths Of Starting A Business And What It REALLY Takes To Get Rich Writing Booklets – Think you need alot of money, a website and some fancy equipment or an office before you can start your booklet publishing company?  Think again! The best thing about starting your own booklet adventure is that you can do it on a shoestring budget!  All you need is the determination to succeed and a willingness to learn, and you can do it!

6)  How To Easily Expand Your Product Line – If you’ve got just one product, you can easily create more!  Every product you create can easily be spun off to create something new.  Discover how to look beyond your product to see other possibilities.

7)  Where Do You Go From Here? Create a plan to follow so that you know what your next step is.  Look at what you want to accomplish, and work backward from there to figure out what you need to do.

It’s a wrap!  Our theme for February will be Keys To Building A Successful Business.  Stay tuned…..

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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