New Beginnings – How To Easily Expand Your Product Line

Are you at the point where you’re ready to begin expanding your business or your product line but you aren’t sure what to create next?  The answer is probably staring you right in the face!

When You’ve Got A Waiting Audience

If you’ve created at least one booklet, you’ve got a spring board for creating several other products.  Every product you create can be spun off in one way or another to create something new.

For example, you’ve created one booklet.  And, it’s done well.  But, one booklet can’t possibly cover everything there is to know about your topic.  Since your first booklet was well received in the marketplace, you’ve got a waiting audience. Why not create a second booklet?  And then a third?

Going Beyond Booklets

Booklets are not the only product you can create from your first booklet.  You might want to create a cd to compliment your booklet and sell the two together as an upgrade.  Or, you might write a full length book to sell to your audience.  Since you’ve whetted their appetite with your booklet, and they bought it, it’s a good bet they’ll buy your full length book as well.

You can also create online products to offer your market, such as e-books and e-booklets, and mp3’s.  You can duplicate your hard copy booklet into these products, and give your audience a choice as to how they prefer to receive their information.  This is an easy way to create a new product without any additional work.  But, of course, you can create new products to compliment your existing ones too!

If Dr. Phil Can Do It, So Can You

Wherever you are in your booklet adventure, whether standing at the starting line, or somewhere in the middle, you’ve probably got a few good ideas.  Think about those ideas one at a time, and ask yourself how much you can do with each one.    Imagine your idea after it has been created, and then ask yourself what else you can create from that product, or what else might compliment it.

Some ideas lend themselves to spin offs better than others.  But, even a product that doesn’t can still become the center of several other products that compliment it.

For example, several years ago Dr. Phil McGraw created a book about weight loss.  He said everything he had to say in that book about his topic, and when it was finished there was nothing more for him to write.  But, Dr. Phil didn’t stop there.  He created a cookbook to go along with his weightloss book, and then he created a nutritional guide for people to use in restaurants and grocery stores. These new products, although not exactly spin offs from his book, complimented it nicely and added more sales to Dr. Phil’s bottom line.

Before you begin your next project, think it through and ask yourself what else you can create from it.  When you do, you’ll find you can come up with an entire list of possible products you can create, and easily expand your product line!

To your riches!


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