New Beginnings: The Road You Take Determines The Price You Pay

Everything in life has a price attached to it.  When you make the decision to start your booklet adventure, you are choosing to pay the price that goes along with that decision.  Most people choose what they think is the easiest thing to do, but often they’re the ones who end up paying the highest price of all.

Two Choices

When it comes to making money there are only two choices.  You can either work for yourself, or you can work for someone else.  Each choice has its price. The vast majority of people will choose to work for someone else.  Why?  Because it seems to so much easier.  And, at the outset, it is.

Working for someone else is easier because it means you have less responsibility for making sure you get paid. A paycheck is automatic as long as you show up on time and do as you’re told.  And for many people, this is enough.  It’s all they want.  But, for some, it may as well be a death sentence.


Some people are natural born entrepreneurs.  They see the start of a new business at the drop of a hat and the wheels start turning.  They can’t help it.  It’s just the way they’re wired.  They’re not thinking about finding a job.  They’re thinking about building an empire.

These people find themselves stifled in a regular day job.  They may take a job with the best of intentions, but they soon find they are miserable – often because they want to contribute to the company in ways that are not well received. For example, they may get ideas for new products, or better customer service policies, or for ways to save the company money, only to have those ideas shot down by their superiors who either feel threatened by the ideas, or prefer things to remain as they are.

The entrepreneur at heart will lose a little more of their life each day that they remain employed by someone else.  They are paying a far heavier price, in terms of their happiness, and peace, and probably their income by staying where they are rather than taking the high road and making a go of it on their own.

Which Price Will You Pay?

Working for someone else can exact its toll in many ways.  While a paycheck may be guaranteed for as long as you are employed, you have no guarantee of any long term employment. Layoffs, mergers, closures and bankruptcies happen.  Job security is a thing of the past. Also, Paychecks get cut,  Co-workers can be nasty, and superiors can be arrogant.  Add to that the fact that for the hours you work for them they own you, and it’s a pretty hefty price to pay.

But what about the entrepreneurial road?  What about starting your booklet adventure?  Is there a price to pay for that?  Yes.  There is a price for everything in life.  But, the price isn’t nearly as steep as it is with the alternative, and there are many perks.

First of all, when you begin your booklet adventure, you’re making the decision to take your destiny into your own hands. And while that can seem like a scary thing, the truth is it’s LIBERATING!  You control how much money you make, not some supervisor or boss.  No more begging for a raise!

Also, as the sole owner of your own booklet publishing company, you’ll wear many different hats in the beginning – everything from mail room clerk to CEO.  But, in time that will change as your business grows.

As an added perk, you’ll become an author, which will make you a celebrity.  You don’t get that working for peanuts over at XYZ! And while you may not get sick leave or vacation time, you won’t need it.  Instead of one or two weeks off, you can take one or two MONTHS off if you want to.  And you’ll also have the freedom to take some extra time for lunch, or just work half a day without having to ask permission from anyone.  And best of all, you’ll get to do what you LOVE – write – and get PAID for it!

There is a price to be paid for starting your booklet adventure, but considering the alternative, in terms of your financial stability and long term happiness taking the high road is the only way to go!  Why not start your booklet adventure today!

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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