New Beginnings – How To Achieve More And See Bigger Results

Have you been getting the results you desire from your business?  If not, your thinking may be the root of the problem.

What Matters

Everything you do, or will ever do in your business, begins with an idea.  That idea is just a spark which will kindle a fire.  It may be just a small camp fire, or it may be a wild fire.  That fire is your vision, your dream, your thinking.

The spark – your idea – is just a momentary thought.  It’s when you’re thinking, “Hey…..what if I……” and then you finish the sentence with whatever sparked that thought.  Maybe it’s about creating a booklet, or maybe it’s about creating a mega empire.  It doesn’t matter.  What matters is what happens next.

Two Types Of People

Once that original spark has occurred, you need to give it some more thought time.  You need to spend some time imagining different possibilities, and seeing in your mind the things you desire to happen from that idea. Some people do this automatically.  They come up with a spark of an idea and they can’t help but take it as far as they can go.  Within minutes their idea has grown from a spark to a wild fire.  These people are the creative types.

Other people are more methodical.  They get an idea, and they have to think about that idea just as it is before they can imagine any other possibilities or results from that idea.  Their process is slower, but they’re careful to think things through.  These people are the analytical types.

Kindle That Spark

Everyone leans to one side or the other, but we all have some of both the creative and the analytical.  This is a good thing because you need both in order to succeed in your booklet adventure.  Your creative side will come up with the ideas, and your analytical side will help you think things through to make sure you don’t miss a step.

The important thing is not to stop with a spark.  You must kindle it.  You need to nurture that spark and give it some thought – both creative and analytical – so that it can grow into a vision worthy of your time. If your thinking is small, your vision will be small and your results will be small.  But, if you’re thinking is big, your vision and results will be big.

It’s not important to always hit the mark, but the fact is, bigger thinking will produce bigger results. Spend some time TODAY thinking about your booklet adventure and what you truly want from it.  You can do this no matter where you are in the game.  This is the time for a fresh start, so whatever your vision is, freshen it up and make it bigger.  Stretch your thinking.  You’ll achieve some things now, some later, and some may never come to pass.  But, you’ll definitely achieve more and see bigger results!

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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