The Essential Ingredient For Doing Business Like A Pro

Time is almost up.  2011 is now less than one week away.  Look back, for a moment, to this time last year.  What were your goals for your booklet publishing business?  Did you achieve them?  If not, here’s what you’re probably missing that will make a difference over the next 12 months.

Ideas Don’t Create

You began your booklet adventure with an idea, and from that idea came a booklet.  From that booklet came or will come other booklets and, possibly, other products.  But, your original idea isn’t what created your booklet. An idea is just a spark.  It excites and ignites your imagination to possibilities, but nothing can be created from an idea. An idea is just the catalyst to something greater.

Everyone has ideas – ideas for making more money, for creating products or services, and for writing books or booklets.  But, if an idea created the result, everyone who ever had an idea for a business would be a business owner, and everyone who ever had an idea for a book would be an author.

Taking The Next Step

When an idea sparks the imagination, you MUST take the next step if you are to see your idea become a tangible reality.  This applies to everything you ever hope to accomplish in your life.  But, what is the next step?  What comes after the idea?  Some might answer action, and that is a good answer.  But, before action can be taken, something else must happen – you must know which action to take!

Knowledge is the bridge between an idea and the final outcome of that idea.  You may have a great idea for a booklet about collecting old baseball souvenirs, but without a little knowledge you won’t be able to turn your idea into that booklet.  Knowledge is absolutely essential to your success, and you must possess the right knowledge in order to accomplish your vision.

Know Like A Pro

What constitutes the right knowledge?  Do you need some kind of specialized degree to be able to turn your idea into a tangible reality?  No.  But, you do need to have a solid understanding of your subject, your audience, your market, and the basics of writing, production and publishing booklets if you are going to be able to pull this thing off.

How can you create a booklet about collecting old baseball souvenirs if you know nothing about baseball or what is considered valuable from the game in days gone by?  And if you know that, how can you create the booklet your audience will want to read or your market will want to buy if you don’t know what their preferences are or how to find them?  And beyond all of this, how can you take your knowledge of your subject and your market and actually create that physical product if you don’t have the first clue how to go about it?  The answer is, you can’t.  You must first know what to do before you can take the action of doing it.

This applies to every aspect of your business. No matter what your next step is, whether creating your next booklet, a new product or service, or simply taking your business and your income to the next level, you’re going to need knowledge to get there.  Don’t just dive in and take the plunge without it.  Mistakes are costly both in terms of time, and in terms of money.

Make sure you know what you need to before you proceed to the next phase of your booklet adventure.  When you’re prepared, things will run smoothly and you’ll do business like a pro!

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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