What To Do When The Words Won’t Come

Sometimes, in spite of your best efforts to come up with a good booklet topic, you come up empty.  Or, you’ve started your booklet but now you’re stuck.  You just don’t know what to say next.  What can you do?

There are many reasons why you may not be able to come up with the words or the right topic for your booklet. You might be under stress and unable to think clearly, or you might be trying to write at a time when you’re tired.  You may have gotten out of practice because you haven’t written anything in a while, or you might be hungry and all you can think about is food.

Whatever the reason, the solution is simple.  Give it a little time.  Don’t think about it too much.  There’s no sense in beating a dead horse.  Just walk away, do whatever you need to do – eat, sleep, or deal with whatever you need to deal with – and then return to your writing refreshed and ready to go.

Sometimes you just need a little break, especially during a busy time such as the holiday season.  In that case, it may be best for you to wait until after the holiday to pick up your writing again. It can be very difficult to focus on your writing when you’ve got so many other things to do.

Take a break and take care of yourself.  Then the words will come.

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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