Dreaming Of The Day When You Can Bask In Your Success? Think Again!

Are you looking forward to the day when you’ve got several booklets on the market – selling well – and you can sit back and bask in your success?  Every booklet author has dreamed this dream at one time, but sooner or later they realize that day will never come – that is, not if they can help it!

Achieving Your Dream

When you begin your booklet adventure you have a dream and it’s easy to see that dream as the finish line.  You create goals to help you achieve your dream, and one by one you begin to knock off the milestones as you wind your way through the path that leads to business success.

At first it seems clear.  You have a certain number of booklets you want to create.  Maybe it’s one, or two, or ten.  And maybe you want to create other products as well, such as cd’s, mp3’s, or other written products such as a full length book or workbook.  So, you don’t waste a moment.  You get right to work. Then, the day comes when you’ve achieved all of these things.  It’s wonderful, but beware of the temptation to rest on your success!

Maintaining Your Empire

It’s easy to become lazy when things are going well.  You’ve worked hard to create all of your products and get them on the market, and once they’re selling it’s natural to want to take a little breather.  But, don’t sit on the sidelines of your adventure for too long or you’ll see all the work you’ve done begin to unravel!

Once you’ve built your empire, you will need to maintain it.  You’re booklets and other products won’t sell themselves.  You still have work to do.  Your business can’t operate itself.  It needs you.  And, there is always another product you can create to freshen up your inventory.

Advancing To The Next Space

Once you have reached your goal you really need to pump up the volume and get busy.  You started your booklet adventure with nothing but a dream.  It was easy then.  All you had to do was create that first booklet.  But now, you’ve got a sizable inventory.  You can’t afford to get lazy, you’ve got customers waiting!

The truth is, you should NEVER become lazy in your business, sitting on the sidelines watching the game play out.  You should always be an active participant, doing all you can to move forward to the next space and advancing toward your goals. When you do, your business will grow by leaps and bounds in directions you couldn’t ever have imagined!

To your riches,

Kim Hillman

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