How The Big Companies Got Rich And How You Can Do It Too

The economy has been tough on everyone and businesses are no exception.  Merchants everywhere are hoping they’ll finally be in the black by the close of the business day on December 24th.  But not all of them will meet their goal, making them a poor target for your booklet.

The Skinny Cow

Fact:  You can’t squeeze blood from a turnip.  No money means no money, no matter how you slice it.  And for many businesses, that’s reality.

Many companies are running on empty where financial matters are concerned.  They’ve got a bare bones budget and they’re running on a skeleton crew.  They may look big on the outside, but on the inside everyone’s shaking in their boots wondering if they’ll have a job to come back to in the morning.

These companies are desperately seeking that one great thing that will fill their coffers to the brim, but they can’t afford to pay anything for it. For most of these companies, it’s too late to turn things around.  You can’t wait until the last minute to do something about a sinking ship. Beware of getting involved in business deals with these skinny cows – the ones that are broke.

The Fattened Calf

Then, there are companies who have strategized and planned and profited as a result.  They’re doing well in spite of the economy.  If the companies that are broke are like a skinny cow, these companies are like the fattened calf. They have a large budget and they’re not afraid to take a risk now and then.  They can afford it.

These companies are the prize and they should be the ones you court above all others.  They will not, however, be easily won.  They may have a large budget, but it is because of their knowledge of their marketplace and their careful tactics for reaching them that they have prospered. These companies won’t make it easy for you to sign on the dotted line unless they see a direct correlation between your booklet and their customers which increases their bottom line.

Eight Small Slices Makes A Whole Pie

The vast majority of large companies fall between the extremes of the skinny cow and the fattened calf.  Many are doing alright, but business could be better.  These companies have a budget, although it’s a smaller one.  Still, a small slice of pie is better than none, and eight small slices makes a whole pie!

A company with a tight budget may not require a large number of booklets, or they may not be able to afford a large quantity.  But, they may return to you for more booklets as they need or can afford them, and that repeat business is solid gold.

Avoid wasting your time with the skinny cows – those companies that have no budget.  Watch for the fattened calf and grab them whenever you can.  And keep your eye out for companies with smaller budgets, or smaller businesses that are a good match for your booklet that have a little money to spend.  A little money here and there adds up – especially when they return to you over and over again!  That’s how most of the rich companies got that way – by selling a little at a time to alot of people who keep coming back for more.

To your riches!


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