Quick Tip: Authority Commands Respect And More Money

Fact:  Authority figures generally make more money than non-authority figures.  For example, the clerk at the store makes less than the manager, and the manager makes less than the CEO.  The higher the level of authority, the larger the paycheck.

As an author, you have the opportunity to be an authority figure – not in the same way that the manager and CEO are, but because of your knowledge and influence over others through your writing.  And it doesn’t matter whether you’ve written a booklet, or magazine article or full length book.  The fact that you wrote about something and it was published makes you an authority figure.

Of course, writing and publishing your work is only half the battle.  You must know you are an authority figure in your subject, and act like one.  Don’t be sheepish when it comes to answering questions about your subject matter.  Be bold, even if your opinions differ from the norm.  Often it is those who differ from the norm who receive the greatest respect.

If you know you’re an authority in your booklet’s subject, and you portray yourself as one, soon people will be willing to pay higher prices for your products and services.

To your riches!


PS: You can’t be an authority figure as an author without having something in print.  Ready to write that booklet?  Click here!

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