10 Solid Gold Strategies To Help You Make More Money In The New Year

Whether you’re just starting your booklet adventure or you’ve been in the business for years, making more money is always a priority.  Here are 10 strategies to help you increase your riches in the coming year.

1) Create something new. It might be a new booklet, or an audio cd to go with a booklet you’ve already created, or a completely different product that can stand alone.  Creating something new gives your customers or clients something new to purchase, and it gives your prospects a choice they didn’t have before.

2) Create excitement for your new product. Announcing a launch date builds anticipation and excitement and gets people ready to buy.

3) Hire an expert to help you navigate the rough spots. If there is some aspect of your business that you do not excel in or have enough knowledge in, get a professional to help you.  For example, you might hire an accountant to help you with your taxes and business accounts, or you might hire a consultant to help you with some aspect of your booklet adventure.

4)  Become an expert. Answer questions for your customers or clients.  Make it a goal to become their go-to expert in your area of expertise.

5) Watch every penny. In business this is a must.  Squandering money on unnecessary items or services means not having money for those things you really need to run and/or improve your business.  Always ask yourself if you really need something and if so, whether you can get it for less – BEFORE you spend the money!

6) Expand your market. If you’re doing well with your current market, reach out to a new niche or section of your market, or a secondary market for your booklet and other products.

7) Raise your prices. Many business owners are afraid to raise their prices, but most don’t charge enough for their products and services to begin with.

8) Leverage the work you’ve already done. That booklet can easily become a cd, giving you a new product.  Or, it can become a topic for discussion in a class you offer, or an article you write, which helps get your name out to your market.

9) Manage your time wisely. Your work hours should be spent working.  The more you accomplish in a day, the more you’ll have accomplished when the year is over.  And the more you accomplish, the more your business and your money will grow!

10) Balance your work time with personal time. If you work from sun-up to sundown day in and day out, you’ll quickly burn out.  Remember, your business is not your life.  It exists to enhance your life.  Personal time allows you to refresh your mind so that when you go back to your work, you’ll be motivated and able to focus again, which means you’ll get more done and make more money!

To your riches!


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2 responses to “10 Solid Gold Strategies To Help You Make More Money In The New Year

  1. That was an interseting read and I am going to take on board what you advise. Thatnks for you tips.

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