The Secret To Success In Any Business

Wherever you are in your booklet adventure, you’re there because you put yourself there.  You have made the decision to create a booklet, and from that point you have moved forward at a pace of your choosing.  The question is, are you happy with where you are now?

Why There Is No Comparison

As human beings, we’re notorius for comparing ourselves to others.  We think we should be taller, thinner, prettier, and richer.   And not only do we compare our physical selves, but we also compare our businesses to that of others.  We think we should be bringing in a certain dollar amount because someone else did it.  Or we think we should be selling a certain amount because someone else did it.

The truth is you can’t compare yourself to someone else, and why would you want to?  Why put those limitations on yourself?  Odds are that person you’re comparing yourself or your business to is comparing their self or their business to someone else! You might see their success as something worthy of acquiring, while at the same time they are looking even higher and reaching for more!

Yes, Yes, Yes and No

So, why did XYZ company sell a million thing-a-ma-jigs and you only sold 100,000 booklets?  Could it be that XYZ company has been around longer than you have?  Could it be that they have a staff working for them while you’re a solopreneur?  Could it be that they have more money to work with for developing products and getting them in front of their market?  The answer is yes, yes, and yes, but it’s also no!

Of course XYZ has been around longer than you, has a staff and more money.  But, what’s stopping you from achieving that same level of success, or better yet, surpassing it?  The only thing standing in your way is your willingness to do what it takes to get there!

What Are You Doing And Why?

Diligence is working toward something on a constant basis.  It is believing in something, and stopping at nothing to get it.  It means you don’t have time to be idle.  You’re too busy working toward your goals.

Like everyone else on this planet, you have 24 hours every day.  You need a certain amount of those hours for eating, sleeping, and doing whatever you do in the bathroom.  Beyond that, you’re free to choose what you do with the rest of your time each day, and in order to grow your business and reach your goals, you don’t want to waste a single moment.

Some moments will be put aside for your pleasure and enjoyment, or for family.  But, other moments, your working moments, are the ones you really need to focus on. If you find your business isn’t where you had hoped it would be by this time, ask yourself what you did over the past year, or the past six months.  Chances are you wasted precious moments on things that didn’t further your business goals.

Diligence is the secret to success in any business, and booklet publishing is no exception.  Now that you know this, consider each activity you do during your work time and ask yourself whether it is helping to reach your goals, or whether you’re wasting your time.  In other words, what are you doing and why?  The more activities you can do to help your reach your goals, the sooner you will reach them and surpass them!

To your riches!


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