How To Be The Master Of Your Own Financial Destiny

Have you heard?  The worst of the economic crisis is over!  Or, is it?  Maybe you have heard the opposite – that it’s not over and there’s no end in sight.  The media is giving us mixed messages these days.  So, who’s right?

Nothing Ever Really Changes

It doesn’t matter what the media says when you have the ability to create your own economy.  In fact, regardless of what the economic climate is, there are always people out of work, there are always people who have jobs, and there are always people who have more than enough. That’s a fact.

Look at the great depression.  What do you think of when you think of that era – job loss and soup lines?  Yes, there was plenty of that.  But, there were also people who had jobs, and there were even a few rich people during that time.  In fact, there were some smart folks who profited from the great depression. And, we can see the same thing happening today.

The Weak Will Perish

The goal during tough economic times isn’t just to survive.  The goal is to THRIVE!  And you can – if you don’t listen to the media with all their mixed messages and fear tactics.  In fact, you can thrive in any economic climate, and you should!

In a bad economic climate we usually see many businesses close their doors, and the media makes a big deal of it.  But, in tough times it’s survival of the fittest. The weak perish.  Strength prevails.  What makes a business weak or strong?  Their focus.  If their focus is on their customer, they are strong.  If it is on anything else, they are weak.

Don’t Survive – Thrive!

How can you thrive in any economy?  Start by creating your own economy!  You do this when you decide to embark upon your booklet adventure.  You’re taking your financial destiny into your own hands rather than trusting it to someone else.  If the economy is good, you can always make more money.  And if the economy is bad, you can always make more money.

You’re the one in control.  You don’t have to worry about what the economy does or what the media says or predicts.  That no longer applies to you in regard to how much money you can make or whether or not you have a job.

Once you’ve made the big decision and embarked upon your booklet adventure, the next thing you must do is keep your focus on your customer.  That not only means writing your booklet for them, it also means that every business decision you make is done with them in mind.

Don’t worry about the economy.  Create your own and be the master of your own financial destiny!

To your riches!


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