Three Lessons From A Coffee Company’s Mistake That Can Make You Rich

A few weeks ago my husband bought a Keurig coffee maker, and although I wasn’t thrilled with it at first since it only makes one cup at a time, I have come to see the wisdom in this little invention.

Where’s The Chocolate?

Last week I received a catalog in the mail.  Inside were dozens of different coffees that one can order for the Keurig coffee maker.  I earmarked several pages.  And then I noticed the cover.  There were some gold foil covered chocolates that intrigued me.  But, when I flipped through the catalog I could not find them! It seemed that these delightful delicacies would remain a mystery forever, which frustrated me.

To make matters even worse, the catalog contained a photo inside of some rather delicious looking truffles, but again, there was no information about them anywhere, nor were they included on the order form.

What They’ve Missed

Coffee and chocolate go together just as well as coffee and shortbread, or coffee and cake, or coffee and biscotti, or coffee and muffins.  And if you really enjoy coffee, you’ll even love it with oatmeal in the mornings!  But, this company missed that.

While the company does offer a varity of coffees, as well as hot cider and hot chocolate, they’ve missed out on something very basic. The Keurig is used at home, and when people enjoy coffee at home they will usually enjoy it with something.  The coffee is the beverage for a meal or dessert.  And,  if one invites a friend over for coffee, will they serve them only coffee?  No.  Most of the time there is something served with it, such as a plate of cookies, a piece of cake or a bowl of chocolates.

How To Avoid Their Mistakes And Cash In

So what are the lessons here?  How do coffee and chocolates apply to booklets?  Simply put, this company missed the boat because they were more focused on their product than they were on their market. If they had really thought about it, they would have offered some food items in their catalog to go with the coffee.  This could bring them untold fortunes, especially now with the holidays fast approaching.

When you create your booklet, keep your audience in mind.  Focus on them, not on your own idea of what your booklet should be.  Create something your audience wants, not something you want to create. That is lesson number one.  But, there are more nuggets to be mined from the coffee example above.

Lesson number two is to never promise something you can’t deliver, whether in print or merely by suggestion.  The coffee company’s photo on the front of their catalog implied that they had something to offer, which in reality they didn’t carry in their line of products.

And finally, lesson number three is to look beyond your original product, your booklet, and ask yourself what else your audience would like.  You may just find another product that you can bundle with your booklet, or sell on the side, which can add untold riches to YOUR income.

To your riches!


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