Mining The Riches From EnRICHment

Your  booklet business is there to enrich your life, but sometimes your life can enrich your booklet business.

Are You Missing Out?

All work and no play makes you one VERY DULL AUTHOR!  That’s why it’s important to enrich your life with things outside of your booklet business.  When you first begin your booklet adventure, it’s all you can think about.  It’s new and exciting, and you’ve got so many plans and things to do.  In the beginning, your booklet business will be your main focus.

But, as time goes on you should be able to balance out your business and your life.  Your business is not more important than your life.  It is there to enhance your life.  It is part of your life, but it is not your life.  If you continue to focus only on your booklets and sales and nothing else, you’ll be missing out on some wonderful things that will not only enhance your life, but your business as well.

Discover Something New And Exciting

In order to keep your business as fresh and exciting as the first day you started, you need to continually add new elements to it.  These might be new booklets or other products, or new services, or just an improved way of doing things.  And the same thing applies to your life.

Life is much more than the mundane work of doing dishes and laundry and cooking – or at least it should be.  There are events and celebrations, friends, family and faith.  And beyond these, there is the opportunity to improve yourself and your life, and discover new things. How?  By taking enrichment courses that interest you!

Renew Your Creativity And Get Fresh Ideas

Enrichment course are offered through a variety of venues, online and off, and the variety of things you can learn is seemingly infinite.  You can find many of these courses at your local community college or through local clubs and organizations.  If you’re interested in taking an online course, all you need to do is google what you’re looking for.

You can take classes in cooking, sailing, crafting, music, foreign languages, sewing, grand-parenting, chess, and yes, even writing, and that’s not even the tip of the iceberg! And what happens when you do?  You’ll find yourself feeling refreshed and excited, with your creativity renewed and that will make you a better writer and a better business person, which in turn will bring more riches to you!

Taking enrichment courses will also help you meet new people and make new connections – connections which could help your business. You’ll gain new insights and come up with fresh ideas.

You may discover ideas for new booklets, or markets that are not being served, or even a new venue to sell your booklets to.  Or, you may even decide to create a series of booklets that would be an enrichment class in themselves!  At the very least, you’ll discover something you enjoy to enhance your life, and that will make you happier which will affect your outlook on your life and your business.  RICH STUFF!

To your riches,


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