How To Sell Your Booklets By The Truckload This Holiday Season

It’s holiday time!  Are you selling your booklets by the truckload?  You should be!

Who Buys Booklets By The Truckload?

The holidays are the perfect time for booklet sales.  Merchants are eager to get customers in the door and get them to buy in large quantities. A booklet might just give those customers the incentive they need to do that.

Merchants can offer your booklet to customers just for coming in the store, or for making a purchase, or for making a purchase of a certain dollar amount.  They can also offer your booklet to first time customers only, or to returning customers only, or just to past customers they haven’t seen in a while.

Playing Matchmaker

Consider your booklet and all the merchants that might be a good match for it.  For example, if you’re booklet is about caring for a new puppy, you might consider pet shops and pet supply shops and outlets.  There are probably several different kinds of merchants that your booklet might appeal to.

Also, consider online merchants and catalog merchants. They may not have a brick and mortar store, but they can still offer a booklet with a purchase, or with a purchase of a certain dollar amount.  And, like the brick and mortar merchants, online and catalog companies can offer booklets to first time or to returning customers.

Hundreds or Thousands?

Selling to merchants means making a quantity sale – probably in the hundreds, and possibly in the thousands. Some merchants will want to test your booklet to see whether it brings in the crowds before making a larger purchase.  Other merchants will simply buy and hope for the best.  Either way, a sale is a sale!

As long as your booklet contains information of value, people will appreciate receiving it.  If people like the booklet, they’ll be willing to tell others about it and  share where and how they got it.  And if all goes well, the merchant will see an increase in their sales thanks to offering your booklet to their customers, and this means they will be likely to order from you again.

Holidays are a great time for raking in those riches from your booklet!  All you need to do is find the right merchants for your particular title!

To your riches!


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