Why It’s Easier Than You Think To Become A Famous Author

Recently an acquaintance asked me what I do.  I whipped out a booklet from my purse and handed it to her.  As she looked at the cover, her eyes suddenly widened and she exclaimed, “I know someone famous!”

You Are Somebody

You may not realize it when you begin your booklet adventure, but your booklet will make you famous.  The public holds authors in high esteem. It is a prestigious form of employment, whether you’re self employed and self published, or whether your work is published through traditional means.  The public doesn’t care.  Your name is on the cover.  That’s what matters to them.

Having your name on the cover of a booklet trumps having a nine to five job.  It also trumps being self employed in most professions.  How many landscapers or plumbers or daycare owners are looked upon with the same amount of prestige?  Their names are in print too – on their business cards.  But, it’s not the same.  They can hand out their business cards to millions of people and never be seen as someone who is famous or who has achieved something great, yet you can give just one booklet to one individual and that person will see you as somebody.

You Have Accomplished Something Great

Being famous has its rewards.  It can bring you clout, and that clout can get you in doors you never thought would open for you.  It also adds to your credentials. It’s another accomplishment to add to your list.

Just writing something and having it published says something about you. It says that you’re a pro in your chosen field or subject, and that you mean business.  It says that you’re someone who should be taken seriously, and that you are someone who finishes what you start.

Being famous has its perks, and you don’t have to be a mega star to take advantage of them.  One booklet with your name on the cover, in the hands of one interested person, is all it takes.

To your riches!


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